“Instead of talking about History, Philosophy, and Sociology, we started learning about Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Gender Studies, X, Y, Z Studies as opposed to learning methods. This took place from around 1990–2010. So if you were born after the late 80′s or later you grew up with certain expectations – expectations like what we see now with “Safe Spaces” and attacks on Free Speech and the idea that “my feelings trump your ability to inquire about anything.” This wasn’t the case in the 80′s University atmosphere and even the early 90′s to a degree. But now it’s sufficiently common that the small minority of vocal voices drown out everyone. In 2015 it became so extreme that the silent majority throughout the world finally said: “we can’t take this anymore.” That’s what I saw take place in 25 years.” Weiter lesen: Allthink

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